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Our UVC decontamination device consists of two mobile units equipped with a UVC tube protected by Quartz. Used in addition to your disinfection protocol, the UVcare 344 is the best germicidal and anti-Covid treatment for your medical practice, your hair salon, your meeting room.
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UVCare 344

Compact, mobile, powerful, fast, and safe, the UVcare 344 guarantees 99.99%  decontamination of air, surfaces and floors. An optimal result that UVC air purifiers cannot

This solution, suitable for all work areas, includes:

  • 1 UVMaster172w;
  • 1 UVSlave172w;
  • 1 application (app);
  • 1 patient information pack.


Its speed of operation guarantees the treatment of your closed spaces in a few minutes. From now on, you are no longer obliged to ventilate (by opening the windows) the room in which you work for long minutes between each session/consultation.

As an indication, a 3-minute session is enough to sanitize a 4m x 4m dental office. For larger
surfaces, we are at your disposal to define together a tailor-made solution.

image de l'uvc avec sa clé

UVcare172-MP Portable solution
for vehicles

In this version, the germicidal lamp is not fixed to the stand. It is a removable element, connected to the stand by a 4-meter electrical cable. Disinfection can thus be carried out in a small space where the entire stand would not fit, for example inside a vehicle. The lamp cable is connected to a dedicated connector that takes the place of the connector of the Slave Stand in the standard version. Thus, in the context of the remote lamp, the Slave Stand is not applicable. For moving and storing the device, the lamp is housed in a vertical Plexiglas sleeve attached to the metal case of the stand. It should be noted that the plexiglass is opaque to the UV-C rays, so that the surrounding personnel is protected if the germicidal lamp were inopportunely lit when it is stored in its sleeve. The lamp is equipped with elastic loops at both ends so that it can be attached to the structural elements of the room to be disinfected. The lamp can be placed horizontally or vertically, depending on the geometry of the environment. To ease the installation, the unit comes with two adjustable length suspension cords.

UVcare144-B Hand lamp

In this version, the germicidal lamp is not fixed to the stand. It is a removable element, connected to the stand by an electric cable of 4 meters. The disinfection can thus be carried out in a narrow space where the whole stand could not take place, for example inside a vehicle. The lamp cable is connected to a dedicated connector that takes the place of the connector of the Slave Stand in the standard version. Thus, in the context of the hand lamp, the Slave Stand is not applicable. The lamp is equipped with two 72W tubes; housed in a support with a deflector, equipped with a protective grid for the lamps. UVC lamps can easily absorb liquids and damage the unit. Any oil or other absorbent liquid or other substance must NOT touch the emission side of the unit and the UV lamps. Do not apply pressure to the UV tubes.
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AirComp Pro

VM-AirCom Pro is a powerful and quiet UV-C device for disinfecting air contaminated with microorganisms and viruses such as SARS-CoV-2.

Contaminated air is continuously drawn in by two fans located at the front end of the device and is disinfected, without any chemical additives in the shielded disinfection chamber.

Viruses and bacteria are immediately eliminated and destroyed by UV-C. The disinfected air is reinjected into the room.

Continuous disinfection reduces the risk of infection with infectious pathogens in aerosols such as SARS-CoV-2.

Mobile application

UVMastercare is available with a downloadable application on Apple store or Play store. The app allows you to control the UVMastercare and access its journal. Once connected, you will be able to:
  • Name the device
  • Enter the name of the operator
  • Enter the name or reference of the disinfected area
  • Change the sensitivity of the motion sensors
  • Adjust the intensity of the sound signal
  • Choose the duration of the countdown before start-up
  • Generate a journal
application mobile

Smart Warning

Smart door light placed on the door handle or door frame. A red flashing light is active during the disinfection process, indicating that it is forbidden to enter the room during the treatment. It also indicates the time remaining before you can enter the room again. It also allows to stop the disinfection in progress, if necessary.

A tried and tested technology

The 254nm wavelength UV-C produced by our high-powered Amalgam lamps (172w) will be effectively and rapidly absorbed by the pathogen’s RNA to lead to its destruction. The quartz tube that protects the lamps also filters out wavelengths < 200 nm that could produce ozone.

Based on studies on adenoviruses, we were able to conclude that a dose between 20 to 30 mJ/cm2 allows an efficient reduction of the Covid-19 coronavirus. Our UVmastercare devices have been developed to allow you to use them in complete safety thanks to a delayed ignition and 2 presence detectors integrated into the device.


How to use the UVMasterCare solution?


Routine disinfection

After the departure of your patient, you carry out the routine surface disinfection: seat, operating light, spittoon, and instrument block before completely clearing the work surfaces.
désinfection de routine


You move the UVMaster172 close to the chair and the UVSlave172 diagonally to the seat.
positionnement de l'appareil


After connecting the UVSlave172 to the UVMaster172 with a special cable, you connect the UVMaster172 to a conventional power outlet. Check that the devices are powered.
branchement de l'appareil


You turn the ignition key to power the device (green light). If you are ready to leave the room, force the key to the right. The timer will start with a beep (one beep per second) and you have 20 seconds to leave the room.
allumage de l'appareil

Switching on and disinfection

If the presence detectors of the slave and the master do not detect any movement in the room, the UV lights are switched on successively. The treatment is started for the programmed time. The motion detectors are activated. If an intrusion is detected, both devices are immediately switched off. You are directly informed via the remote control which emits an audible alert.
Désinfection de la pièce

Usage journal

The application allows you to follow the progress of the disinfection in real time and to access several types of useful information for protocol management:
  • Machine identity
  • Identity of the operator
  • Place of disinfection
  • Duration of disinfection
  • Remaining percentage of lamp life
Désinfection de la pièce

End of the operation

During the treatment, you are informed of the progress of the disinfection phase by the application and/or the intelligent door light. This light is also equipped with a red signal light that can be affixed to the door or doorframe to prevent access to the practice. This light can also be used to interrupt the treatment at any time.
application mobile UVMasterCare

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