A decontamination solution adapted to all sectors

Effective and certified by independent laboratories, our solutions assist many sectors of activity in the implementation of their sanitary protocol. Ideal for all contact professions, it allows for the sanitization of air and surfaces up to 99.99%. Depending on the size of the areas where customers, patients and staff are present, it takes only 3 to 6 minutes to disinfect 99.99% of all areas without loss of profitability.
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Established in the Scientific Park of Liege in Belgium, UVCMastercare offers decontamination solutions by UVC. Our range is composed of different models of Amalgam UVC lamps with a wavelength of 254 nm and a power of 144 to 344w. For optimum safety, the lamps are protected by a quartz tube, which is also effective in filtering ozone-producing wavelengths below 200 nm. Mobile, they can be easily moved to treat any targeted area, whatever its size.


Dental care generates powerful aerosols that can disperse pathogens such as SARS-COV2 into the air and onto all surfaces surrounding the dental chair. Our solution allows you to protect the health of both your staff and your patients by disinfecting 99.99% of the air and surfaces of your office between 2 patients, in just a few minutes, thus avoiding any cross- contamination.

Beauty and Wellness Centers

The pandemic due to COVID-19 has hit all contact professions, including your beauty salon, hairdresser's salon and massage parlor. A UVC disinfection system ensures the decontamination of the air, the floor, and all surfaces in a few minutes. It allows you to respect the sanitary protocol and to maintain your activity without risk of transmission.

Hospital centers and vehicles

The pandemic has significantly increased the hygiene requirements within the hospital and medical environment. UVMastercare solutions allow you to meet these requirements within your facility. We also manufacture the UVcare172-MP, a remote unit to disinfect all vehicles in your hospital and the UVcare144-B, a UVC lamp for decontamination of the smallest spaces.
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Offices and Meeting Rooms

Although working from home is becoming more popular due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some industries cannot completely do without face-to-face meetings. UVC decontamination is proven effective and used in hospitals to destroy all forms of viruses, pathogens and bacteria spread in the air and on surfaces in professional meeting areas. Combined with manual disinfection, UVC lamps treat otherwise untreated surfaces and purify the air, preventing the spread of COVID-19 and other pathogens through the air conditioning system.

Veterinary clinics and offices

Your exciting profession is not without its risks of contamination by multiple zoonotic viruses. The potential presence of these germs requires you to dedicate time, products and energy to ensure that they are eradicated and cross-contamination is avoided in your veterinary practice or clinic. Our UVC decontamination system destroys all viruses, pathogens and bacteria to strengthen and reduce your existing protocol.

Nursing home

Residents of nursing homes are more fragile and much more likely to be contaminated by any virus. As COVID-19 threatens their generation more than others, the usual hygiene protocols have been reinforced by very strict and restrictive rules, monopolizing a lot of time and energy. Our UVC lamps ensure the destruction of all viruses and germicides while avoiding any risk of propagation. Fast, 4 minutes are enough to disinfect a room. Easy to use, mobile and manageable, our solution allows you to consider the decontamination of all the private and collective parts of the building as well as all materials and utensils to ensure the maximum safety of residents, staff, visitors and allow families to meet without fear.

Hotel and restaurant services

To ensure a healthy environment for guests and staff, effective and reliable disinfection of every area of your public facility is essential. The sanitary protocol related to COVID-19 requires you to devote a lot of time, energy and products to clean spaces, equipment and all utensils and is complicated to implement. A UVC treatment disinfects surfaces while purifying the air, thus preventing the spread of any virus through the air conditioning system. Put forward in your communication, its assets reassure your customers and are an effective marketing argument to fill your agenda and ensure the attendance of your establishment.

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