Das Team besteht aus Fachleuten aus dem Gesundheitswesen, Experten auf ihrem Gebiet und Fachleuten, die
Ihnen bei der Implementierung unserer Lösung in Ihrem Bereich zu helfen.

The Team

Eric Rompen

Pr. Eric Rompen

Expert advisor

· Dentist specialized in periodontology
· Doctor of Dental Medicine
· Extraordinary professor, University of Liege
· Head of the Department of Periodontology – Oral Surgery, University Hospital of
Liege, from 1999 to 2018.
· Former President of the Belgian Society of Periodontology
· Member of the Royal Academy of Medicine of Belgium

Frédéric Luizi

Pr. Frédéric Luizi

Expert advisor

· Managing Director at Aquatic Science (disinfection by UVC technology)
· Master’s in biology Phd in Biology (UK)
· Co-founder and R&D director of a carbon nanotube design company
· Laboratory research partner in nanotech in Asia, Europe and USA


Vincent Nizet


Gioacchino Micelli

Gioacchino Micelli

R&D & Production Manager
Antonio Micelli

Antonio Miceli

Technical Support

Stephan Pire

Stephan Pire

Digital Marketing
Caroline Crahay

Caroline Crahay



Audrey Bettonville

Project Coordinator

Nadège Bollinne

Nadège Bollinne

Administration & Support
Cédric Georis UVmastercare

Cédric Georis

Junior Business Developer

Our partners

JTC Micro Electronics
PCB assembly partner - LED placement specialist (Riemst)
Mecalec SMD
Company specialized in electronic production and assembly (Liege)
Aquatic Science
Company specialized in disinfection based on UVC technologies for 15 years (Liège)
Applied R&D center specialized in the field of chemistry (Seneffe)