Decontamination by UVC is effective against EHV1 but not only not only.

The UVCs are effective against EHV1, MRSA, ESBL and COVID-19. With the advent of COVID-19, your sanitary protocol has been reinforced by complex rules to implement. The UVCMastercare system makes it easy to implement and allows you to maintain your activity.

Veterinary clinics and offices

The potential presence of the COVID-19 virus has added to the decontamination procedures you were already using against zoonotic pathogens potentially present in your veterinary facility. UVCs are known to destroy all viruses, pathogens and other bacteria present in the air and on surfaces, thus preventing the spread of each. While simplifying the application of the sanitary protocol, UVCmastercare lamps optimize the decontamination of a targeted area in a fast and efficient way and considerably reduce the risk of cross-contamination.
Clinique vétérinaires uvmastercare

Our solution

Following the recent epidemic of EHV1, to avoid any cross-contamination between consecutive occupants of a stall, the latter must be subjected to optimal hygiene conditions. The sanitary protocol linked to a potential contamination requires you to close a cubicle for 48 hours between 2 occupations. Our UVC disinfection system allows you to reduce this time to 24 hours, ensuring a better attendance of your equestrian center. The use of UVC also avoids the use of many chemical products, expensive and potentially dangerous for the animal and the user. It is equally effective in dog centers, shelters and any other building exposed to zoonotic viruses.

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