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Managing the risk of cross-contamination in the laboratory is a complex matter. The UVMastercare system facilitates the implementation of the sanitary protocol.


Opt for a perfect aseptisation of your laboratory, thanks to the UVC disinfection.

The hospital environment is not the only one exposed to cross-contamination.

All types of biopharmaceutical, research and analysis laboratories, anatomy and cytology laboratories, and autopsy rooms are exposed to the risk of contamination by micro-organisms. 

The method of amplification of genetic material (PCR) is a technique that has revolutionized biotechnology and laboratory operations, from crime scene identification to gene therapy research. 

In all these applications, DNA (or RNA) amplification has a weakness; it is a non-discriminatory technique.

All the genetic material of interest is multiplied during this manipulation, but not only. 

Indeed, the slightest contamination by a simple nucleic acid fragment and the whole process is disrupted. 

There is a solution to avoid such scenarios: disinfection. 

Solutions already exist to treat surfaces but fighting against contamination through aerosols; the fight is more complex. 

The scale of the Covid pandemic is a reminder of this. 

Today, a type C ultraviolet radiation treatment is the fast, mobile and adapted solution to prevent this contamination.

  • A PCR room can be disinfected entirely in just a few minutes.
  • The treatment can be repeated systematically without difficulty between each operator intervention, without damage to the equipment, without constraint or risk for the operator, and without consumables or tedious maintenance.

Human contamination in the laboratory remains a significant problem.

UVMastercare’s technology completes decontamination protocols with proven effectiveness on viruses, bacteria and molds.

Décontamination de laboratoires et Maison de repos dans le cadre du Plan REACT-EU
medical microbiological laboratory

Our solution

Laboratory aseptization has always been a priority.

As a result of the pandemic, the disinfection protocol was reinforced to prevent any propagation of the Sars-Cov-2 virus by air and by contact with surfaces. The complete decontamination of the spaces requires a surplus of energy and time to the detriment of research and production.

Today, UVmastercare improves the disinfection protocol of laboratories. Simple, fast and efficient, our different UVC decontamination solutions sanitize 99.99% of the air, floors and surfaces of any targeted area in just a few minutes. Whether it’s in a decontamination room, a common area, a PCR production room, or a small area such as a drawer or locker.

Developed for the medical environment, our wide range of UVC disinfection devices are perfectly adapted to each of your needs and spaces.

Our two flagship systems:

1) The AirComp Pro: continuous air disinfection

The contaminated air is continuously sucked in by two fans at the front of the device and disinfected. Viruses, bacteria, and molds are immediately eliminated and destroyed by UVC in the shielded disinfection chamber. The disinfected air is blown back into the room.

Décontamination de laboratoires et Maison de repos dans le cadre du Plan REACT-EU

2) UVCare 344: complete disinfection of surfaces, floors and air in a few minutes.

This mobile device is composed of 2 units that you just have to place for a few minutes around the area to be sanitized. The mobile application linked to the device transmits to you, in real time, information about the disinfection in progress. You avoid any contact with the UVC rays of the lamps.

Safe for your health, all our devices work without any chemical additives and without ozone emission.

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