Hospital centers and vehicles

UVmastercare simplifies the decontamination protocol in hospitals, thanks to UVC.

UVMastercare solutions facilitate the application of the disinfection protocol in hospitals.

Hospital centers and vehicles

The pandemic required that the sanitary protocol already applied in hospitals be reinforced due to the airborne spread of Sars-COV-2. Compliance with this new protocol requires you and your staff to devote a great deal of time and energy to the complete disinfection of each department, examination and reception room, etc. after each patient. Developed by a professor in dental surgery and a Dr. in Biology, our system allows you to decontaminate 99.99% of the air and surfaces of any targeted area, as well as ambulances and other vehicles used during your interventions and treatments, in a few minutes.
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Our solution

Since UVCs are known to destroy all viruses, we have developed 3 models of mobile UVC lamps to allow you to ensure optimal disinfection of every area prone to cross- contamination.
  • The UVCare344 is composed of 2 units that you simply place around the area to be sanitized. Efficient and fast, it is easy to use and completely secure thanks to the mobile application that sends you, in real time, information about the disinfection in progress. This makes it the ideal ally for all hospitals and medical centers in times of pandemic.
  • The UVCare172-MP is composed of a UVC lamp connected to the stand element by an electric cable to allow you to consider the decontamination of vehicles. Hanging on the ceiling light, the lamp only needs a few minutes to disinfect the passenger compartment.
  • The UVCare144-B, our portable UVC lamp, is effective for disinfecting the narrowest and most cramped places such as drawers, lockers…
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How to make the air in an ambulance completely disinfected at all times?

With a new engineered system specially adapted for the automotive sector.

Together with Prof. Eric Rompen and Dr Frederic Luizi, we are developing several disinfection devices active on viruses, bacteria and fungi including Sars-Cov-2.

Originally developed for hospitals (emergencies boxes, pneumology, cardiology, stomatology, surgery, cleaning rooms, patient rooms…) dentists, laboratories… we have used our expertise to develop a solution adapted to the constraints of ambulances.


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