1. Routine disinfection

After the departure of your patient, you perform routine surface disinfection: seat, operating light, spittoon and instrument block before completely clearing the worktops.

2. Positioning

You move the UVMaster172 near the chair and the UVSlave172 in the diagonal of the seat.

1. Plugging

After connecting the UVSlave172 to the UVMaster172 with a special cord, you can plug the UVMaster172 into a traditional electrical outlet. You then verify that the devices are properly powered.

3. Allumage

You turn the ignition key to power the device (green light).

If you are ready to leave the room, force the key to the right. The timer will start with an audible signal (one beep per second) and you have 30 seconds to leave the room.


4. Turn on and desinfection

If the presence detectors of the slave and the master do not detect movement in the room, the UV lights up successively.

The treatment is started for the programmed duration. The motion detectors are activated. If an intrusion is detected, both devices are immediately stopped. You are directly informed via the remote control which emits an audible alert.


Documentation Technique

5. Operation ending

During processing, you are informed by wireless remote control of the count. The remote control is also equipped with a small red beacon to prevent access to the cabinet by placing it on the door or its doorframe. This remote control can also allow you to stop treatment at any time.

Once the disinfection is complete, the audible signal from the UVmaster172 and UVslave172 devices stops at the same time as the UVC lamps, the remote control light goes out and the display informs you of the success of the treatment.