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[PRESS] UVmastercare Liège – UV decontamination on RTBF La 1ère

UVmastercare was presented on RTBF’s 13:00 news this Saturday, December 12, 2020 (see at minute 7’30 “). Pictures from Liege highlighted the usefulness of our UV decontamination system COVID-19.

Review sur Auvio


After the departure of your patient, you carry out the routine surface disinfection: seat, cyalitic lamp, spittoons, and instrument block before completely clearing the work surfaces.

You move the UVMaster172 close to the chair and the UVSlave172 diagonally across the chair.

After having connected them, you switch on the ignition with the key. The green LED lights up and the display shows you the programmed treatment time.

You force the key to start, the light turns orange and the 30″ countdown is displayed and starts with an acoustic signal (repetitive beep).

You then leave the room and close it. You can follow the progress of the disinfection thanks to the display of the remote control which will signal the end of the treatment.

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