Optimize and secure work spaces for greater well-being

Optimize decontamination and secure work spaces for the well-being of all. Since the appearance of COVID-19, your meeting rooms and offices must be disinfected in an optimal way. The UVMastercare system facilitates the implementation of the sanitary protocol.

Offices and meeting rooms

The disinfection of collective work spaces is essential to ensure a healthy atmosphere and an air free of all volatile viruses. Since offices and meeting rooms are areas that are prone to cross-contamination, it is even more important to ensure their decontamination. While respecting barrier procedures and manual cleaning of exposed surfaces, UVC provides 99.99% germicidal disinfection of a 100 m2 room in just a few minutes. The sanitary protocol related to the COVID-19 is thus respected and you can resume your meetings and briefings while guaranteeing the health of each participant and the maintenance of your economic activity.
bureaux et salle de réunion

Our solution

Composed of 2 mobile elements equipped with UVC lamps, the UVCare344 allows you to treat the air, the surfaces and the floor after each meeting and avoid the prolonged ventilation of the room. Easy to use, you just have to place the lamps around the area to be disinfected so that their powerful UV-C destroy any germicidal form potentially present in the rooms. Handy and discreet, the mobile units can be stored in a corner of the room to be available at any time.
uvmastercare dans une salle de réunion

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