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UVC optimizes safety for patients, staff and visitors. The presence of COVID-19 requires new sanitary rules that are not always easy to implement. UVMastercare solutions simplify their application so that families can come together again without risk for anyone, but for the happiness of everyone.

Nursing homes

UVC, destroying all viruses, completes the barrier gestures and conventional cleaning to ensure that you eradicate any spread of epidemics such as Sars-Cov-2, gastroenteritis, flu… The use of UVC lamps also ensures that no part is neglected, guarantees the respect of the protocol, limits the disinfection time, reassures your resident patients, your staff and your visitors even in times of COVID-19.
Maison de repos uvmastercare

Our solution

While respecting the usual protocols related to hygiene, the UVC ensures that all viruses, bacteria and other pathogens are destroyed at 99.99% without expensive chemicals that are potentially dangerous for everyone's health. Mobile and easy to use, simply place the 2 lamps around the area to be disinfected and follow the instructions on its mobile application.
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