UVC decontamination for your dental practice.

99.99% decontamination of your dental practice with UVC The powerful aerosol emitted during your dental care is favorable to the propagation of numerous pathologies such as SARS-COV2, making your dental office a place conducive to cross-contamination. The UVC allows a fast and efficient decontamination between each consultation.


The instruments you use during dental care propel bacteria from your patient's mouth. Retained by the droplets, they then spread throughout the immediate environment of the dental chair. Since the arrival of the airborne pathogen SARS-COV2, these instruments have been accused of being a vector for the virus, contaminating the air, the floor and all surfaces in the treatment area. Developed by leading international UV-dentistry companies, our system allows you to consider UVC sterilization to keep your practice busy without losing profitability.
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Our solution

The UVCare344 is the ideal device for disinfecting dental offices, since UVCs are known to rapidly absorb pathogen RNA and lead to its destruction. Handy, mobile and mobile app- assisted, easily stored in the corner of your office, the UVCare344 allows you to sanitize 99.99% of a 4 m2 area, corresponding to the area of a dental chair, in 3 minutes. When activated after conventional cleaning of your aerosolized instruments, it optimizes their decontamination at the same time, allowing you to comply with sanitary protocol and keep your practice busy.
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