UVC lamps, a sustainable solution for the disinfection of your aesthetic center.

UVC, a sustainable solution to disinfect your salon. Since the arrival of COVID-19, your sanitary protocol has been reinforced. The UVmastercare solution helps you to implement it easily, efficiently and quickly.

Aesthetic centers

The care given to your customers requires you to have tactile gestures towards them, making your profession a contact one. Strict rules, due to the COVID-19, have been added to the sanitary protocol that you already apply in your salon. The ventilation of your waiting room and the meticulous disinfection of each booth between 2 clients are required and take up a lot of time, when they are not impossible to implement. These obligations have led to a decrease in the number of visitors to your salon, or even forced you to close. UVC disinfection allows you to respect the sanitary protocol to maintain your activity while reassuring your customers and your staff.
Uvmastercare salon de beauté

Our solution

Ideal to ensure the disinfection of a targeted area and the purification of the air, the UVCare344 is used in medical offices and hospitals. Compact, handy and discreet, it is perfectly adapted to a hairdressing, beauty or massage salon and allows you to disinfect 99.99% of any area open to the public as well as all your accessories, in just a few minutes. Easy to use and assisted by a mobile application, it is composed of 2 UVC disinfection lamps that you simply place around the area to be disinfected. Once the room is empty of any presence, the lamps release all their destructive power to destroy any virus, bacteria and fungi. Then, you just have to wait a few minutes for your application to indicate the end of the operation and the accessibility of the room.

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