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UVC sterilization: the new standard in disinfection.

To prevent the transmission of infections, hygiene in dental practice is constantly being improved. Daily, there is a risk of cross-contamination between each intervention on a patient. Since the appearance of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, the need for the profession to work safely has increased considerably. To this end, UVMastercare is highlighting a new standard of UVC sterilization for dental practices. 

Why adopt the new UVC sterilization method?

As mentioned in a previous article, the practice of dental surgery leads to the generation of aerosols. These aerosols favor the dispersion of pathogens, such as the virus that is currently at the origin of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic.

This virus spreads in two ways:

  • Via macro-droplets such as saliva, which contaminate either the dental practitioner’s sphere of activity or the tools and surfaces near the dental chair
  • Via the micro-droplets generated during abrasive actions in the oral cavity which will remain suspended in the air for several hours

More than ever, each consultation now requires impeccable hygiene that deserves to be adopted over the long term to ensure the serenity of the practitioner and his patient. 

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UVC sterilization, an immediate and lasting solution.

Opting for type C ultraviolet radiation is the most effective and durable solution today. While avoiding inter-patient transmission, the health safety of practitioners and staff is also assured. 

Its use at the time of SARS-COV-2 is now the best way to work safely. But not only! Its use for all other known germs has proven to be an optimally effective solution. 

Why is UVC sterilization so effective?

The wavelength of the ultraviolet radiation of type C that we use to sterilize dental practices is 254nm. This radiation absorbed by the nucleic acids will lead to their destruction. 

In viruses, this genetic material can be presented in four different forms

– double or single stranded DNA,

– double or single stranded RNA.

In the case of the viruses responsible for COVID 19 and SARS, it is single-stranded RNA, the least stable form of genetic material. Their resistance to UV-C radiation is the lowest of the 4 virus families, even when detected in liquids or aerosols.

These findings lead to the conclusion that relatively low doses of UVC can disinfect all exposure scenarios encountered in a dental practice.

Two specific zones are determined in a dental office, as well as two disinfection thresholds:

  • The contamination zone exposed to transmission by saliva droplets and by direct patient contact with the material. This area will be exposed to a disinfection treatment ensuring 99.99% destruction of the virus in suspension, thanks to a dosage of 16.9 mJ/cm2. 
  • The exposure area for which the transmission will be by aerosols. It will be disinfected with a percentage of 99.99% of destruction of the virus in aerosol, thanks to a dosage of 4 mJ/cm2. 

In conclusion, why choose UVC sterilization for my dental practice? 

1. It is a sustainable solution.

Far from being a short-term answer, limited to the current pandemic, UVC sterilization is a new way of conceiving asepsis in dental practices. 

Once our lamps are installed, you will be permanently protected against COVID-19 and potential future epidemic waves.

2. It is a quick and cost-effective solution.

It has been shown that the positioning of two UV-Mastercare lamps, placed at each end of the treatment room, decontaminates a standard 3x4m practice in 5 minutes. A speed that now promises a profitable practice for the dental profession.  

By the time you call the next patient, your practice is ready for your next consultation. 

3. It’s a safe solution.

As health care providers, you are called upon to assess the individual situation of each of your patients. 

The likelihood of encountering asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic patients must be anticipated to prevent the risk of cross-contamination. In this context, our UV-Mastercare device represents THE new way to work safely. 

Your working environment will now be healthy. Your health and that of your patients will be preserved.

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