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Ensure the recovery of your hair salon!

It’s official, your salon is finally allowed to reopen its doors!

You have been waiting impatiently for this government decision…

Assurez la reprise de votre salon de coiffure ! Décontamination du salon de coiffure

Respect the conditions of reopening in an optimal way. 

Nevertheless, the sanitary measures in force are strict: 

  • Capacity reduced to one customer per 10m²,
  • Sufficient ventilation of your salon, by regularly opening doors and windows, 
  • Waiting 10 minutes between each client,
  • Obligation for the customers to wait outside

In short, in winter, these conditions complicate your recovery!

To make them more comfortable for you and your customers, our team has developed an efficient decontamination solution certified by independent laboratories: UVC disinfection.

Our UVmastercare device is 99.99% effective against viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens. In just a few minutes, it will assist you in decontaminating the air, surfaces, and floors of your salon. 

  • Your health and that of your customers are preserved.
  • The economic profitability of your activity is assured.

Renting from 95€ VAT excluded/month. 

See conditions with UVMastercare

Contact UVmastercare

For any question, call us Monday to Friday from 9am to 18pm :

France: 04 83 97 01 57

Belgium: 04 268 11 54

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