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Enjoy a serene reopening of your beauty salon according to the sanitary rules

That’s it, as of March 1st, your beauty salon will be authorized to reopen its doors! 

As D-Day approaches, your first concern is the health of your customers and your team. 

Institut de beauté avec UVmastercare
At Institut Valérie in Nancy, France

Did you know that UVmastercare is the decontamination system for you?

In order for you to take full advantage of this long-awaited recovery, our team has developed a decontamination solution certified by independent laboratories and already used by health professionals: UVC disinfection.

Our 100% Belgian UVmastercare device is 

  • Powerful: it ensures 99.99% disinfection against viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens. 
  • Fast: in just a few minutes, it will assist you in sanitizing the air, surfaces, and floors of your beauty salon. 
  • Safe: place the 2 UVC lamps in the room to be decontaminated, close the door, and let the device do its job!

From 95€/month (VAT excluded)

✅Your customers are reassured and safe,

✅Your economic activity is boosted.

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