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Air disinfection in HVAC systems

Technical informations

  • Power: 1376W
  • Frequency: 50-60Hz
  • Voltage: 220v
  • Materials: Galvanised steel
  • 99.9% UVC treatment
  • Maintenance without complete disassembly
  • Maintenance without interruption of the HVAC system
  • Real-time monitoring of each tube (autonomous wireless connectivity)
  • Alert in case of failure: Mail or SMS to customer or central
  • Independent hour meter (per tube and total)
  • Waterproofing level of the germicidal lamps in the HVAC area: IP67
  • Waterproofing level of the electrical box in the external HVAC area: IP22
  • No ozone emission
  • Power consumption: 1400w
  • Easy to install (plug & play)
  • Designed & Manufactured in Belgium
  • Lifetime of the UVC germicidal lamps >9000 h
  • Backup tube to maintain disinfection in case of failure
  • Relay terminals (for general fault)
  • Sequential lighting of the ballasts
  • User safety: disinfection stopped if the
  • lamp access door is opened
  • 24 months warranty
  • Flow rate treated: 6200 m3/h
  • Height of the cassette is 900 mm
  • Width of the cassette is 930 mm
  • Thickness in the direction of the air is 200 mm

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