Decontamination by UVC

99.99% effective, this is the most complete and rapid disinfection solution on the market. More powerful than an air purifier, UVC lamps sanitize not only the air, but also the surfaces and floors of your workspace.
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Did you know?

We know today that infected patients can be carriers and therefore transmitters of the virus, without experiencing any symptoms. The transmission of Covid-19 occurs through micro- droplets and saliva, and this by direct or indirect projection. These salivary sprays immediately contaminate the air, the ground, and all surfaces. Covid-19 has been proven to have a high level of viability in the open air. The creation of the aerosol, and the associated <10 micron droplet cloud, therefore significantly increases the risk of contamination to you, your team and your patients.
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Our solution

UVmastercare products are fast, efficient, safe, made in Belgium and are initiated by scientific experts.

Certified in laboratory, these UVC decontamination devices are essential complements to the barrier measures implemented to protect your patients and your staff from numerous pathologies, while preserving your economic activity.

Position our complete UVC device, UVcare344, in the work area to be disinfected. The treatment is done in only a few minutes!

The advantages


The powerful and total decontamination of the air and surfaces of a 20m2 space is completed in 4 minutes.


Our two direct exposure UVC tubes ensure 99.99% inactivation of the viral load on floors and aerosol


A complement to your barrier procedures to ensure the safety of your patients while preserving your economic activity

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Air disinfection in HVAC systems Technical informations Power: 1376W Frequency: 50-60Hz Voltage: 220v Materials: Galvanised steel 99.9% UVC treatment Maintenance without complete disassembly Maintenance without

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